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Prayer Malas

  • African Turquoise Mala

    African Turquoise Mala

      Made with unique African Turquoise beads, this mala necklace is known for its encouraging energy to open the mind to the possibility of newness making it perfect for fresh starts.   MALA BEADS AS PRAYER BEADS...

  • Amazonite Mala

    Amazonite Mala

    Amazonite MalaAmazoniteChakras: Heart (4th) Throat (5th)Attributes: Amazonite is known as the "Stone of Truth".  It awakens compassion through the heart chakra and it helps us to "speak our truth" without the fear of...

  • Black Lava Mala with Sterling Silver Bead

    Black Lava Mala with Sterling Silver Bead

    Lava boasts grounding qualities and stability. Meditate with lava to provide emotional and spiritual support. Each beautiful Lava Stone mala is unique and is a perfect piece to ease stress and assist in practicing...

  • Blue Point Agate Mala with Quartz

    Blue Point Agate Mala with Quartz

    Blue Point Agate Mala with Natural Quartz Blue point agate energizes expression. It encourages support, protection, and positive energies.   MALA BEADS AS PRAYER BEADS FOR CHANTING THE HOLY NAMES OF THE...

  • Dalmatian Stone and Agate Mala

    Dalmatian Stone and Agate Mala

    Dalmatian Stone and Black Agate Mala Dalmation Stone Chakras: Earth, Root, Sacral The Dalmatian Stone appeals to the child within us all, fortifying the spirit and encouraging a sense of playfulness. It is particularly...

  • Howlite & Black Agate Mala

    Howlite & Black Agate Mala

    Howlite and polished Black Agate Mala HowliteChakras: CrownAttributes: Aids emotional expression and calm communication. Excellent choice for stress reduction and to achieve desired goals.  Good for memory, ...

  • Labradorite & Malasian Jade Mala

    Labradorite & Malasian Jade Mala

    Comprising of Labradorite, and Malaysian Jade, our Nain necklace is pure magic. Believed to enhance abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control, while also providing spiritual nourishment, this...

  • Mukti Mala

    Mukti Mala

    Mukti means freedom in Sanskrit. Created with African turquoise, wood grain stone and agate, this mala is acknowledged for cleansing and grounding. African Turquoise is a form of jasper that is found...

  • Picture Jasper Mala

    Picture Jasper Mala

    This mala necklace holds a close connection to the earth, featuring White Fossil, Picture stone, Ox-Horn and a Lambskin tassel. Believed to protect and nurture, this necklace will bring comfort and alleviate fear...