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Mini White California Smudge Sticks


Product Description

Made Of: Natural Herb
Made In: USA
Warning: A lit smudge stick should not be left burning while unattended, and care should be used when extinguishing smoldering sticks.

Native Americans practiced smudging, or purifying a space with the smoke of sacred herbs. Smudging can help clear negative energy from a space. The apparent benefits of smudging are steeped in science. When burned, sage and other herbs release negative ions, which research has linked to a more positive mood.

Before you begin, open a window or door. Place the herbs in an abalone shell, or a clay bowl, and light them with a wooden match. Then gently blow out the flame, letting the material continue to smolder.

“Take that smoke and metaphorically wash your hands in the smoke, take some over your eyes, your ears, your heart, and your head.” Breathe a little bit in, and waft a little bit over your body.

Once finished, you can place the bowl in a safe place and let it burn, filling the room with fragrant smoke. Never leave the smoldering sage unattended. Treat any leftover ashes with intention. A proper way to dispose of them after extinguished is to take them outdoors and leave them on the earth.

Do not carry or keep those ashes…it is what is left over from that ceremony of cleansing yourself. The Native Americans believed what you clean off goes somewhere and it’s contained in those ashes and it should be put out.

If you have moved into a new place, or have had an argument in your home, you might want to give it a smudge to cleanse the air. To prepare the room, cover mirrors, close windows, open doors (including cupboards), and turn off all electronics.

If burning a sage bundle, light it with a match, then blow it out, and waft the smoke through the room.

Start on the left side of the door and you stay to the left all the way through the house or apartment, while praying the whole time. With the smoke you ask for the good energy and spirits to stay and the negative energy and spirits to go away. When you get to the front, you shoot the smoke out the front door and then you wait a minute or two. Then you go outside and you put the residue ashes of the sage outside on the doorstep and surrounding entryway, and that is to protect the entrance.  

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